Sri Lanka Telecommunications Amendment Bill

Breaking: Sri Lanka Telecommunications Amendment Bill Passed Today

News Today: ri Lanka Telecommunications Amendment Bill Passed in Parliament

The Sri Lanka Telecommunications (Amendment) Bill was passed without a vote in Parliament today, incorporating significant amendments. Following the debate on the second reading, further changes were made during the committee stage. The Minister of Technology presented this bill to Parliament on May 10, 2024, aiming to amend the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act No. 25 of 1991. This Act has now been amended after 28 years, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s telecommunications sector.

The amendments aim to create a more competitive and fair market in line with global standards. These changes are expected to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of telecommunications services in Sri Lanka, benefiting consumers and businesses alike. The new legislation addresses various aspects of the industry, including regulatory frameworks, service quality, and market competition.

The Minister of Technology highlighted that the updated legislation would facilitate innovation and growth within the telecommunications sector. By aligning with international best practices, Sri Lanka aims to attract more investment and improve its technological infrastructure. The amendments are also geared towards protecting consumer rights and ensuring that telecommunications services are accessible and affordable for all citizens.

In preparation for implementing the new amendments, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) will work closely with service providers and stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition. The TRCSL will also launch initiatives to educate the public and industry players about the changes and their implications.

This legislative update is a significant step forward for Sri Lanka, promising a more dynamic and robust telecommunications environment. The government’s commitment to modernizing the sector reflects its dedication to fostering a digital economy and improving the overall quality of life for its citizens.