Sri Lankan Minister resigns amid controversy over drug scandal

Former Health Minister of Sri Lanka, Keheliya Rambukwella, has tendered his resignation from his post as Minister of Environment amidst mounting controversy surrounding his involvement in the Immunoglobulin scandal.

Rambukwella’s decision comes as a response to increasing pressure from both within and outside the government following allegations related to the controversial Immunoglobulin scandal, which has stirred significant unrest in the country.

Sources close to the matter have revealed that Rambukwella was given an ultimatum to decide on his ministerial role in light of the allegations implicating him in the scandal. The government, it is reported, has taken a firm stance against Rambukwella’s continued presence in the Cabinet, signaling a clear break in their support for the embattled former Health Minister.

Rambukwella is currently in remand custody subsequent to his arrest by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) last Friday.

The Immunoglobulin scandal has cast a shadow over Sri Lanka’s healthcare system, raising serious concerns about the quality and safety of medical supplies procured by the government.