Sri Lanka Moves to Strengthen Child Rights Protection with Comprehensive Draft Bill

The Cabinet has authorized the drafting of a comprehensive bill on child rights, in a crucial step towards enhancing child protection and welfare in Sri Lanka. This move comes in response to the growing challenges in safeguarding children amidst societal shifts, highlighted by increasing reports of child abuse, exploitation, and rights violations.

Recognizing the urgent need for a robust framework, the government plans to integrate the principles of the Child Rights Convention with existing legal measures to fortify the safeguarding of Sri Lankan children’s rights and welfare.

This initiative builds on a previous Cabinet endorsement from January 9, 2023, under the ‘Next Twenty-Five Years’ agenda, to develop a ‘Child Protection Act’. The Cabinet’s latest decision, prompted by a proposal from the President in his role as Minister of Women, Child Affairs, and Social Empowerment, aims to craft a unified draft bill that addresses the comprehensive rights of children, ensuring their security and well-being in the face of evolving societal challenges.