Taylor Swift warns Florida student for tracking her private jet

Taylor Swift’s attorneys are taking a firm stance against a Florida college student renowned for monitoring the private flights of notable figures, including Swift herself. Jack Sweeney, the student in question, confirmed receipt of a legal warning from Swift’s legal representatives, demanding the cessation of his social media activities that publicly disclose Swift’s flight details. This development was initially brought to light by the Washington Post.

Sweeney, previously known for his contentious tracking of Elon Musk’s private jet movements, has faced backlash from Musk himself, who cited security concerns for his family. Musk’s response included shutting down Sweeney’s “@ElonJet” account on the platform now known as X, previously Twitter, in December 2022. Beyond tracking Swift, Sweeney also monitors the aerial movements of other high-profile individuals like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, leveraging open Federal Aviation Administration data and highlighting the environmental impact through carbon emission estimates.

Swift’s legal counsel has accused Sweeney of “stalking and harassing behavior” by sharing “real-time and precise information” about Swift’s whereabouts on social media, flagging a significant safety risk for the pop icon. The letter emphasized the severity of the situation, linking it to a potential threat to Swift’s life, given her history with stalkers.