Tesla announces nationwide tour of ‘Cybertruck’ in China

Tesla China has revealed plans to launch an extensive nationwide tour to introduce its flagship Cybertruck pickup to Chinese consumers. The announcement was made via the company’s official account on the popular Chinese social media messaging platform, WeChat, this Thursday.

Specific tour dates have not been disclosed by the US automaker however.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, took to the X platform last Sunday, hinting that the company may send some prototypes of the Cybertruck to China for display purposes. However, Musk acknowledged the significant challenges associated with making the innovative electric pickup fully compliant with Chinese road regulations.

Unlike in the United States, where pickups are a staple of the automotive market, they have remained a niche product in China. The limited popularity is partly due to restrictions imposed by many city governments, including Beijing, which prohibit pickups from entering downtown areas.