TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi faced US lawmakers for the first time since last March, addressing concerns about his connections with China. During a Senate hearing, where leaders of major social media companies were questioned about platform safety,

Chew, a Singaporean citizen, denied any ties to the Chinese Communist Party, after repeatedly being questioned on his nationality.

US Senator Tom Cotton on Wednesday repeatedly asked Chew about his ties with China.

“As you often say, that you live in Singapore. Of what nation are you a citizen?” he asked Chew who responded with “Singapore”.

Cotton then asked if the TikTok CEO ever applied for Chinese citizenship.

“Senator, I served my nation in Singapore. No, I did not,” he said.

Chew was further asked if he had ever belonged to the Chinese Communist Party, to which he replied: “Senator, I’m Singaporean. No.”

Cotton then asked Chew if he had “ever been associated or affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party”, to which Chew again responded “no”, adding that he is Singaporean.

The session also focused on the need for legislation to protect children from online threats. Chew acknowledged the severity of these issues and stated TikTok’s commitment to invest over $2 billion in safety efforts.