Tragic Mass Killing in Ottawa Claims Lives of Sri Lankan Family, Including Four Children

In a heart-wrenching incident that has shaken the Ottawa community, Canadian police have classified the deaths of a Sri Lankan family, comprising four young children, as a mass killing. The tragic event unfolded in the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven, where the family, recently settled in Canada, were killed by a teenager of Sri Lankan descent. Among the victims was an infant, less than three months old.

Authorities reported that a 19-year-old Sri Lankan student, who had been residing with the family, is now facing charges related to the killings. The Ottawa Police Chief, in a statement made on Thursday, condemned the act as a “senseless act of violence perpetrated on purely innocent people.” The charged individual’s connection to the family as a live-in student adds a layer of complexity and tragedy to the already devastating incident.

The police were alerted through emergency calls made at 22:52 local time on Wednesday, prompting a swift response to the family’s residence in Barrhaven. Upon arrival, Police Chief Eric Stubbs stated that officers were able to quickly apprehend the suspect without any further incident. The subsequent search of the home led to the grim discovery of the six victims, including a mother, her four children, and another acquaintance who had been staying with the family.

This incident has left the community in mourning and has raised questions about the safety and integration of newcomers to Canada. The investigation continues as authorities seek to understand the motivations behind this tragic event.

The victims were identified as 35-year-old Darshani Banbaranayake Gama Walwwe Darshani Dilanthika Ekanyake, along with her children: seven-year-old Inuka Wickramasinghe, four-year-old Ashwini Wickramasinghe, two-year-old Rinyana Wickramasinghe, and the youngest, two-month-old Kelly Wickramasinghe. Additionally, 40-year-old Amarakoonmudiayansela Ge Gamini Amarakoon, a friend of the family, was also among the deceased.

The father of the family, while surviving the attack, sustained injuries and is currently receiving medical care, reported to be in serious but stable condition. The suspect in this heartrending case has been identified as 19-year-old Febrio De-Zoysa, now facing charges including six counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Chief Stubbs disclosed that the fatal and injurious assaults were perpetrated with an edged weapon. As the investigation proceeds, the enormity of this case has been underscored by Chief Stubbs, describing it as Ottawa’s most significant murder case in recent memory. He lamented the profound and lasting sorrow this event represents, emphasizing its considerable impact on the capital city of Canada.