The tech we are excited for in 2024

The year 2023 was nothing short of a technological marvels, marked by the significant milestones that challenge the boundaries of what we once thought was impossible. One of the highlights being the significant progress in AI, with algorithms not only becoming more sophisticated but also more integrated into our daily lives, making everything from medical diagnoses to customer service more efficient.

A look back at 2023

Quantum computing, meanwhile, saw remarkable advancements as well, with several tech giants announcing breakthroughs that could soon put quantum computers at the forefront of solving complex problems that traditional computers struggle with. 5G networks was a development that the world anticipated for several years, with the technology even being the centre point of diplomatic rows. In 2023, the widespread adoption and enhancements in speed and reliability of 5G networks, paved the way for a truly connected world.

The leap in connectivity, with more and more devices being manufactured to cater to this new tech, will soon be crucial for the seamless operation of smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and IoT devices, making everyday processes more streamlined and efficient.

These breakthroughs from 2023 have not only captivated our imagination but have also laid the groundwork for the exciting developments we anticipate in 2024. Here’s a look at the new tech we are excited for which promises to push the envelope a little further this year.

1. Smart glasses that actually look cool

Forget everything you thought about smart glasses. In 2024, we’re expecting to see pairs that don’t just scream “tech nerd” from a mile away. These glasses are sleek, stylish, and pack features like augmented reality for navigating the city, translating languages in real time, and even displaying your texts right before your eyes. Imagine walking around like you’ve got a personal heads-up display – that’s the future we’re talking about.

From the suave and sleek looking MindLink Air to the bright and sharp AR glasses like the XReal Air 2 Ultra, this category of tech has been steadily developing with smaller and more subtle glasses that show better and brighter pictures

2. The ultimate gaming console

There’s a new gaming console on the horizon that’s rumored to be a game-changer. We’re talking about something so powerful, it blurs the line between reality and gaming. With virtual reality (VR) tha doesn’t make you want to hurl, augmented reality (AR) that puts you in the center of the action, and AI that adapts games to your play style, this console is about to redefine gaming as we know it.

While gaming on the go has been a thing since the Game Boy, the success of the Nintendo Switch and a string of ever-improving processors have brought an eruption of devices that let you play all sorts of games anywhere you want.

3. AI Personal Assistant 2.0

Just when you thought your digital assistant couldn’t get any smarter, 2024 is bringing us AI Personal Assistant 2.0. This isn’t just about asking what the weather’s like; it’s about having an assistant that anticipates your needs, manages your schedule like a boss, and even gives you fashion advice. It’s like having your own Jarvis, for real.

Look out for names like Otter, which records calls and transcribes instantly, or the educational AI assistant, Socratic which assists students with math and homework. If you’re willing to let AI help, your work and personal life is going to a whole lot easier.

4. Next-Gen Fitness apps

For those of us who struggle to keep fit, the next-gen fitness app coming in 2024 is a dream come true. Using AR and AI, this app turns your living room into a personal gym with a digital trainer who guides you through workouts, adapts exercises to your fitness level, and keeps you motivated. Who needs a gym membership when you have this?

Gone are the days when keeping fit was a monotonous task. Enter 2024, and we’re introduced to revolutionary fitness apps like FitFusion and VirtualGym Pro. These aren’t your ordinary workout trackers; they’re your personal fitness companions, powered by AR and AI to transform your living room into a virtual gym.

5. Eco-Friendly tech everywhere Feature

Last but not least, 2024 is looking to be a big year for eco-friendly tech. We’re not just talking about solar panels and electric cars; we’re seeing a push for sustainable technology in everything from smartphones to home appliances. This tech is all about being kind to the planet while still keeping us connected and powered up.

It’s clear that the tech world is getting greener by the minute. It’s not just about the big-ticket items like solar panels and electric cars anymore. This year, we’re seeing innovative companies like GreenCharge and EcoSync revolutionize how everyday technology can be both high-performance and environmentally friendly. GreenCharge is making waves with its line of portable power banks and home energy storage solutions, all crafted from recycled materials and designed to minimize electronic waste. EcoSync is on a mission to make smart homes even smarter and greener. Their range of home automation devices, from smart thermostats to LED lighting systems, are not only designed to conserve energy but also to learn your habits and adjust accordingly.